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As Christians, we believe that Christ (God himself!) died for our sins and rose to life on the third day. We learn, in part, from this historical reality, that on account of what Jesus did we can have proper relationship with God and others through Jesus. The Apostle Paul wrote to a church in Corinth that "we are a new creation," meaning individuals who were once isolated, wandering and not a people, are now a new creation—a people of God. They are likened to a new society. In Christ we have this new fellowship, bringing radically different people together in Christ. Therefore, God's word reorients what we talk about, what we do and how we relate to each other. In Christ, we are a true community in Christ Jesus with no one and nothing else between us.

Please seek to know the people of Church of the Saviour and be known by them as you learn, serve, struggle and grow. May we as a new society flourish because of the great and good news of Christ Jesus.


Updated December 7, 2015
Church of the Saviour
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