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Ron Perry

Ron Perry

Pastor of Marriage

If you are looking for proof that God can and will use anyone as a Kingdom worker, Ron's story may be all you need. His father was a non-practicing Jew, his mother a non-practicing Catholic. Ron first stepped foot in a church at age 19, and then only because he wanted to marry a girl who had been going to church all her life. By age 21 he had quit school, taken a job with Westinghouse and had a wife, house and child.

His parents had provided a distorted view of marriage; their relationship seemed perfect. Ron's pre-marriage course consisted of a brief meeting with a pastor who seemed more uncomfortable than they were. What they knew about parenting, managing money, communicating, resolving conflict and modeling a Biblically based marriage could have been written on the head of a pin. To say they struggled as a couple would be like saying Tiger Woods is a better-than-average golfer.  After seven years of marriage, Ron's wife was diagnosed with bipolar illness with a touch of schizophrenia.Their marriage was difficult but God was faithful throughout their 38 years of marriage and because of his first wife, Ron has grown spiritually, emotionally and practically. The Lord called Barbara home in 2002 and she is in a far better place.

Ron spent the last year and a half of Barbara's life caring for her, having taken an early retirement from Westinghouse. Not one to sit at home, he did some substitute teaching. The Lord used that to open a door at the church to become the part-time, temporary Director of Children's Ministry. That led to his becoming the full-time, acting Director of Missions, then to Director of Operations and now the Pastor of Marriage.

Ron's passion is to see marriages thrive, born both out of the adversity of his first marriage and the incredible blessing of his second. He and Kathleen met on eHarmony in the summer of 2003 and were married the following Valentine's Day.

Ron earned his undergraduate degree from Case-Western Reserve University, an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and his Master of Arts in Counseling from Biblical Seminary.

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